Encoding Environments

Last Wednesday, we joined students from the Fashion Tech Farm and Tu/e Wearable Senses Lab in Eindhoven, NL for a workshop about using Grasshopper in Rhino. Marantha Dawkins, designer and PhD candidate at University of Virginia, guided the workshop based on the idea of translating the invisible things around us.

Marantha provided us with six different Grasshopper scripts that we could use to explore invisible phenomena. My group chose a script that turned 2D information into 3D data. We used three different pictures of clouds so that we could “make the untouchable tangible.”

I struggled with using Grasshopper, but other students in my group were able to put the images in to the script to create this output.

The students who had access to a laser cutter were able to create these shapes based on the shapes generated by Grasshopper.

We imagined what the installation would like like in a gallery space.

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